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Austin's Premier League passion: Mateo

25 Oct 2019
Mateo Clarke 16x9

Ahead of Premier League Mornings Live's visit to the city, an Austin musician explains his love for Liverpool through the Beatles

Premier League Mornings Live comes this weekend to Austin, a city of people passionate about the Premier League.

The Premier League's US Instagram account, @PLinUSA, has been sharing the stories of some of those fans and their love of soccer and the Premier League.

Meet Mateo, an Austin musician who found a love for Liverpool in the songs of "Abbey Road".

“When I was 13 years old, my Dad gave me The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ album.

"The Beatles are just so unique. The music seems straightforward, it’s very catchy, but it’s pretty complex musically, especially albums like 'Abbey Road'.

"So I just wanted to learn more about The Beatles and, when I read the biographies, I learned about Liverpool through The Beatles.

"When I started to more actively seek out the games it was around the time they were making their previous Champions League run. That whole time really made me become a fan - more a fan of the support behind Liverpool FC and the city behind the club. [It’s] just a reflection - it’s a mirror of its community.

"The connection between Liverpool FC and music is really important. Every club has its chants and every club has its kind of organized support.

"But with Liverpool FC it seems like those songs go more viral, or other clubs copy from Liverpool FC in a lot of cases.

More recently, with what Jamie Webster does, bringing the kind of singer/songwriter vibe to the soccer culture, I think is really special. And it’s something I would love for us to have here in Austin since we have such a tradition of singer/songwriters writing songs about things they’re passionate about.

"I think it’s something that’s special, but it’s also universal."

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