Referee Paul Tierney and assistant referee's Adrian Holmes and Michael McDonough

Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) group officiate all Premier League matches

What is PGMOL responsible for?

- Formed in 2001 to improve refereeing standards, the PGMOL group officiate across all the Premier League, English Football League (EFL) and Football Association (FA) Competitions – all three organisations fund it.
- The training, development and mentoring of 109 referees and 206 assistant referees – run by Managing Director Mike Riley (a former PGMOL referee) and a team of managers and coaches.
- The most high profile officials, the 18 full-time professional Select Group referees.
- From the start of season 2016/17, 27 Select Group assistant referees who prominently officiate within the Premier League will also become full-time professional match officials.

How is being a Select Group referee different?

- Premier League matches are officiated by Select Group referees and assistant referees.
- They meet for a "training camp" twice a month, where they perform physical and technical training sessions, and analyse match videos.
- There is a robust system for measuring Select Group performance over the season. Each Premier League match is evaluated by a former senior referee who scrutinises every decision using the match footage and ProZone to measure the officials’ technical performance. Former players and managers (Match Delegates) assess the accuracy and consistency of decision making and their management of the match.

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PGMOL trains and develops 79 referees and 257 assistants
What does PGMOL do to support the Select Group?

- There is a support team which mirrors that of a football club: sports scientists, sports psychologists, physiotherapists, sprint coaches, podiatrists and vision scientists are all employed to improve referee performance.
- Technology is used as an aid too: detailed performance analysis is supported by ProZone, which provides statistical data on each match.

What role does PGMOL play in international football?

- PGMOL plays an active role in developing refereeing standards, supporting The FA to develop referees in this country and working with referees across the world.
- There is a knowledge transfer programme that benefits entire confederations as well as individual football associations.
- PGMOL has eight FIFA listed referees and seven FIFA listed assistant referees.