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LGBT+ History Month

'With Fulham I'm never afraid to be who I am'

17 Feb 2021
Fulham, Barnaby Ambrose, Rainbow Laces

Fulham fan Barnaby Ambrose on how the club support him and others from the LGBT+ community

As part of LGBT+ History Month this February, the Premier League and its clubs are celebrating how they promote and support lesbian, gay, bi and trans supporters in their local communities.


For Fulham supporter Barnaby Ambrose (pictured right), being able to express himself at Craven Cottage has never been a problem.

And it means a great deal to him to see his club helping to tackle homophobic attitudes and highlighting the importance of inclusivity across the game.

"I am so proud seeing the Rainbow Laces campaign," says Ambrose. "I always feel pride when I see players adopt it.

"Fulham has always been a family club, and I love that. I've always felt safe and part of a family, never been afraid to be who I am."

'Football is for everyone' 

Ambrose believes there is a growing awareness of the problems LGBT people can face in football, and he feels that can only be a good thing.

"As they say, football is for everyone, so it's great to see LGBT+ History Month getting more prominence in football," he says. "I think it’s vital.

"Personally, I've never had an issue at Craven Cottage, or any ground I have been to. I know, however, that it's not always like this and there are issues still going on.

"It makes what we are doing here all the more important. We need to respect everyone."

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