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LGBT+ History Month

Become an LGBT ally with PL Primary Stars

16 Feb 2021
Rainbow Laces, Chelsea

Pupils can learn about gender stereotypes with the help of free school resources

As part of LGBT+ History Month this February, the Premier League and its clubs are celebrating how they promote and support lesbian, gay, bi and trans supporters in their local community.

Premier League Primary Stars

The theme of this year's LGBT+ History Month is education and, with the help of free PL Primary Stars resources, children can learn about gender stereotyping and how to be an LGBT ally.

As part of the Premier League's partnership with Stonewall on the Rainbow Laces campaign, school-facing resources have been created that aim to raise pupils' awareness of gender stereotypes and the detrimental effect they can have on behaviour, self-esteem and  aspirations.

See: PL Primary Stars Rainbow Laces

The Rainbow Laces pack encourages children to question and challenge stereotypical notions of something being exclusively "male" or "female", and to consider that it is OK to be neither.


Young people can also use the resources to learn about the importance of allyship.

Pupils are encouraged to use the Premier League values of being "Ambitious", "Connected", "Fair" and "Inspiring" to create some top tips on how to be a good ally.

Creative activities in the pack also include a Gender Pledge poster that can be completed by a class or the whole school and placed together to highlight support of Rainbow Laces.

For more information on the Rainbow Laces pack and other fun, free curriculum-linked activities, head to the PL Primary Stars website.

You can also find out how clubs have been supporting the Rainbow Laces campaign.

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