Vote for the best player from select nations

17 May 2020
Best Spanish player lead

Look back at the achievements of the brightest stars from various countries, and pick your favourite to have featured in the Premier League

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Some exceptionally gifted players have come from overseas to light up the Premier League, and we are celebrating the talent that has arrived from a few selected nations.

In each article you can see some key statistics from some of the brightest stars from each country, watch a video of the best goals by players from that nation, and then vote for who you think has been the best in the competition.

Part 1: Netherlands
Part 2: France
Part 3: Brazil
Part 4: Spain
Part 5: Italy
Part 6: Senegal
Part 7: Nigeria
Part 8: Portugal
Part 9: Germany
Part 10: Ivory Coast
Part 11: Ghana
Part 12: United States
Part 13: Belgium
Part 14: Argentina

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