What's new this season? Disciplinary sanctions

3 Aug 2018
David Wagner and Craig Pawson

A totting-up procedure for managers who receive cautions will be implemented in the 2018/19 campaign

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As the days count down to the first match of the season, premierleague.com looks at things new to the competition for 2018/19.

Technical-area behaviour

A totting-up system similar to player cautions has been introduced this season for breaches of discipline during matches by managers or other members of team staff in the technical area.

Every time a referee issues an official, stage-one warning to a manager or other member of team staff in the technical area, the caution will be logged.

The match official will not show a yellow or a red card to the offender during the match but they will be informed that a stage-one warning has been administered.

Sanctions will subsequently be imposed after four, eight, 12 and 16 warnings per individual.

Competition specific

Also in 2018/19 player cautions will now be competition specific.

This means yellow cards picked up in Premier League matches will only be relevant to that competition.

A player who receives five cautions in the Premier League before the 19th PL match will be given a one-match suspension, to be served in the Premier League.

Ten cautions received by the 32-match mark will result in a two-match ban for the offending player.

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