Premier League and BBC launch Super Movers

6 Dec 2017
Super Movers launch

Partnership will inspire and encourage children to keep active during the day

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The Premier League and the BBC have announced a new, exciting partnership that will help primary school teachers inspire children to become more active throughout their school day and enhance their learning.

Super Movers will bring stars from the football and television worlds together in fun, easy to follow, educational videos which will capture children's imagination and help teachers to get them moving throughout the day with a series of routines and activities.

There will be an abundance of resources on the Super Movers website, providing teachers with video content-led ideas and simple solutions to help children learn while they move - all free, fun, linked to the UK curricula and easy to use in the classroom with no extra equipment required.

Super Movers will also encourage families to live active, healthy lifestyles and can be used at home with a range of videos and games designed to get children and grown-ups moving together in their living rooms, so parents as well as teachers can join in the fun.

"We recognise the power football has to connect with young people and positively influence their lives," Richard Scudamore, Executive Chairman of the Premier League, said. "Super Movers will harness the reach and strength of our Clubs and the BBC to encourage children to be more active and engaged throughout their learning."

Super Movers will launch in January and to get things started there will be a special Live Lesson. This will be a fun, active maths session for 7-9-year-olds which will showcase Super Movers resources and energise classrooms across the UK.

Premier League and professional football clubs will support Super Movers through their work in schools in their local communities.

"We are really excited about the opportunity to work with the Premier League to do something truly transformative - using the strengths of both organisations," James Purnell, BBC Director of Radio and Education, said.

"Active children do better and get more from their school day and we want to develop a nation of active primary schools to help every child reach their potential."

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