Super Movers inspiring kids to keep active

16 Jan 2018

Premier League and BBC launch fun programme that aims to boost physical activity throughout the school day

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Premier League and BBC launch Super Movers

Kids across the United Kingdom will be getting up on their feet and supercharging their learning thanks to Super Movers, an exciting new programme from the Premier League and the BBC.

Being more active during the school day can help children engage more in lessons and Super Movers will help school teachers inspire their pupils to get moving.

Super Movers will bring stars from the worlds of football, music and television together in fun, free and easy-to-follow educational videos, which contain routines and activities to capture children's imaginations.

"As a mum to two sporty children, I'm excited to be involved with Super Movers as I see first-hand how important it is for children to be as active as possible to get the most out of their day, both mentally and physically," says BBC Sport presenter Gabby Logan, one of three Super Movers ambassadors.

"Super Movers is a really innovative way to do just that."

Helping education

Physical activity can have a positive impact on a child's education, with improvements in concentration, motivation and enjoyment of learning, says Dr Lauren Sherar, Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity and Public Health at Loughborough University.

"Super Movers is a fantastic programme to help teachers create a fun and active classroom," Dr Sherar adds.

Teachers can take advantage of the content on the Super Movers website.

There will be plenty of "Brain Booster" videos and simple solutions to help children learn while they move, all linked to the UK curricula and easy to use in the classroom, with no extra equipment required.

Support from football

The programme will be supported by the Premier League and professional football clubs through their work in local schools, helping teachers use the Super Movers videos in classrooms and encouraging an active ethos.

Super Movers schools will also have the chance to win awards from the Premier League and clubs, such as a visit from the Premier League Trophy.

"We recognise the power football has to connect with young people and positively influence their lives," said Richard Scudamore, Executive Chairman of the Premier League.

"Super Movers will harness the reach and strength of our Clubs and the BBC to encourage children to be more active and engaged throughout their learning."

Schools in Scotland will also benefit from the Super Movers action, as the Scottish Professional Football League are joining the campaign.

Benefits of exercise

"We are really excited about the opportunity to work with the Premier League to do something truly transformative – using the strengths of both organisations – by developing a nation of active primary schools to help every child reach their potential," said James Purnell, BBC Director of Radio and Education. 

The campaign is also backed by a new online survey commissioned for the BBC and the Premier League, carried out by Populus.

It found that over half of parents of children aged 5-10 agree that their children are better behaved (54%) and in a better mood (60%) after taking part in exercise.

Super Movers also complements the Government’s guidelines that every child has 60 minutes of physical activity daily – 30 minutes during school and 30 minutes out of school.

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