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FPL Draft: Laporte a good deal thanks to free trade

By The Scout 6 Sep 2018
Aymeric Laporte, Man City

The Scout on how flexible transfers and no team quotas have made Man City defender popular in FPL Draft

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If you haven't tried Fantasy Premier League Draft, now is the ideal time to take on a new challenge over the remaining 34 Gameweeks, and The Scout has some tips to guide you.

The Scout looks at how the flexibility to trade players in Draft and no quota on teams have made Manchester City defenders increasingly popular. 

Defenders in four-team leagues

When determining an FPL Draft league to play in, the number of managers involved has an impact on your tactics.

Leagues with four teams will have less competition for players than those consisting of eight teams, for example.

Five defenders are required for every 15-man squad, so a four-team league will therefore have just 20 defenders.

This allows more opportunity for managers to target resilient defences and build a solid foundation at the back.

More faith in City defenders

Faith in the Man City pair of Benjamin Mendy and Aymeric Laporte has soared since the start of the season.

For his home match with Newcastle United, Mendy was started by an average of 216 of the latest 250 FPL Draft squads in four-team leagues to play in Gameweek 4.

But in Gameweek 1, only 146 of his 195 owners named him on the teamsheet for the trip to Arsenal.

And those who benched him paid the price, as Mendy tallied 15 points in the 2-0 win.

Only Marcos Alonso, who recorded 246 starts in Draft for Chelsea’s home match with AFC Bournemouth, was selected more in defence for Gameweek 4. 

Powerful pair

Interestingly, that reflects the pair’s ownership in Fantasy Premier League.

Alonso is the most popular, with 38.6 per cent ownership, while Mendy sits second on 35.9 per cent.

Laporte earned just 44 starts from Draft managers in early leagues for Gameweek 1.

But a goal and a clean sheet over four appearances meant this figure climbed to 115 against Newcastle, ranking him ninth in defensive picks in Gameweek 4.

This is in stark contrast to FPL, where his 3.2 ownership means that the Frenchman is only the fifth-most popular defender at City.

Free trade

Laporte’s rise in Draft reflects not only his increased minutes for the defending champions, starting in all four Gameweeks after just nine starts in 2017/18.

It also highlights the greater flexibility Draft managers have to adjust their squads on a weekly basis.

Either through waivers or player trades, the unlimited transfers that Draft allows, as well as there being no three-players-per-team quota, mean that FPL Draft managers have quickly taken advantage.

Top 10 defenders for starts in Draft*
Player Team GW1 TSB GW4 TSB Change
Alonso CHE 225 246 +21
Mendy MCI 146 216 +70
Azpilicueta CHE 234 209 -25
Robertson LIV 173 204 +31
Walker MCI 219 201 -18
Van Dijk LIV 195 191 -4
Trippier TOT 200 183 -17
Vertonghen TOT 167 154 -13
Laporte  MCI 44 119 +75
Valencia MUN 123 102 -21

*TSB= teams selected by four-team leagues

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