No Room For Racism

No Room For Racism Action Plan progress: Coaching pathways

9 Feb 2023
Coaching Pathways

We look at what has changed in increasing representation in coaching and technical roles in the game

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To mark the two-year anniversary of the launch of the Premier League No Room For Racism Action Plan, the Premier League is updating the progress that has been made on the six key objectives that were set out in its No Room For Racism Action Plan.

We will also outline the targets that have been set for those “key pillars” to ensure that this momentum continues.

Coaching pathways

Commitment: The Premier League is committed to increasing the representation of coaches from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds in coaching and other technical roles at senior levels in football.

The Premier League has continued its commitment to increase the representation of coaches from black, Asian and mixed heritage backgrounds and women at all levels in football.

The Coach Index
The Coach Index is an online self-registration system for appropriately qualified coaches from currently under-represented groups. It provides a recruitment tool for clubs across the professional game, with the aim of creating a more diverse coaching workforce.

There are currently more than 290 coaches registered on the Coach Index.

Coach Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives
The League also runs EDI initiatives to improve pathways for coaches from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

This includes the Professional Player to Coach Scheme and the Coach Inclusion and Diversity Scheme, which has welcomed 46 participants over three years, with 36 of them currently in full-time employment at clubs.

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