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No Room For Racism Action Plan progress: Player & match official pathways

9 Feb 2023
Player Pathways 3

We look at what's changed in ensuring all players have opportunity to achieve potential in football or elsewhere

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To mark the two-year anniversary of the launch of the Premier League No Room For Racism Action Plan, the Premier League is updating the progress that has been made on the six key objectives that were set out in its No Room For Racism Action Plan.

We will also outline the targets that have been set for those “key pillars” to ensure that this momentum continues.

Player and match official pathways

Commitment: The Premier League will work to ensure that every player has the opportunity to achieve their potential at Premier League Academies and in their future careers, whether in football or elsewhere, regardless of ethnicity or background.

South Asian Action Plan
This was launched in the 2021/22 season to address the underrepresentation of South Asian boys within club Academies.

Over the last 12 months, a wide range of activity has taken place, including our South Asian Talent ID Summit, with recruitment staff from over 50 clubs in attendance.

See: League and Kick It Out launch South Asian Action Plan

Premier League Emerging Talent Festivals, pictured above, in partnership with Leicester City and West Ham United were attended by 648 players, primarily of South Asian heritage.

Analysis of South Asian participation in grassroots football in conjunction with Kick It Out has also been commissioned, along with workforce development to increase South Asian representation within Academies. Club-led activity further promotes pathways into Academies for boys of South Asian heritage.

Elite Referee Development Plan
One of the key focus areas of the Elite Referee Development Plan, which was launched in August 2022, is to increase diverse representation among match officials.

A development group of officials with high potential from various areas of the game has 30 per cent representation from non-white heritage.

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