No Room For Racism

Chalobah: It's important players set the standards

27 Oct 2021

Chelsea defender on being a role model and the value of showing allyship

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As part of his support for the Premier League's ongoing No Room For Racism initiative, Chelsea defender Trevoh Chalobah has spoken of the role players have in being a positive influence for the younger generation.

At the start of this season, players from all 20 Premier League clubs confirmed that they will continue to take the knee ahead of matches to highlight their opposition to racism.

Many players have also been involved in producing some of the extensive library of free No Room For Racism resources and teaching materials available via Premier League Primary Stars, which explore heritage, discrimination and allyship.

"It's very important to influence the next generation," he says.

"For the younger generation looking up to us, looking up to the older players, I think it's important that we set the standards now so that when they are coming up, they know the importance of it and how to handle it."

Allyship support

Chalobah says he was affected by the discriminatory abuse his friends in the England squad received after the UEFA Euro 2020 final but was heartened by how people rallied behind them.

"I'm close with some of the lads. For them to be representing their country and doing so well for their country, to then get that just because we lost on penalties, it's not nice," he says.

"But you also saw how a lot of people did support them and showed so much love, and that's what we need more of."

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