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No Room For Racism

17 Oct 2019
No Room For Racism 2019-20 lead

The Premier League is making it clear there is No Room For Racism as we continue to work with all our clubs, fans, the FA, EFL, PFA, Kick It Out and the police to tackle discrimination across all areas of football.

The League’s No Room for Racism campaign demonstrates its continued commitment to equality and diversity, using the power and popularity of the League to oppose racism in football.

Racism is not acceptable in our competition or the wider sport.

Reporting abuse

Everyone attending or taking part in a football match has the right to feel safe, valued and included and we encourage supporters to continue to play their part in this. 

If you witness racist or other discriminatory behaviour at a match or around a stadium, please report it to the police or a steward.

You can also report racism by using the Kick It Out reporting app (download the iOS app or Android app) or via Kick It Out's website reporting form

See: Report racism

What we are doing

Ongoing work includes reviewing how offenders are identified, investigated and sanctioned. Education also takes place through rehabilitation programmes.

Senior stewards have been trained in evidence-gathering at matches through the use of technology, such as increased CCTV coverage at grounds and bodycams, to inhibit offending behaviour and aid the identification of offenders.

The Premier League is also developing additional training for stewards to ensure they are empowered and equipped to deal with discrimination at matches. 

Pressure on social media

Football is putting pressure on social media companies to tackle the issue of racism on their platforms.

In addition, the League is working with its BAME Participants’ Advisory Group to ensure the views of BAME players and coaches are heard and to help inform ongoing work. 

Making football a welcoming sport

The No Room for Racism campaign sits within the Premier League’s general inclusion initiative "This is Everyone’s Game".

The Premier League fully supports clubs, Kick It Out and football’s other bodies in working together to make football a truly welcoming and inclusive sport.

This includes ensuring that offences can be readily reported and that all available sanctions are used to deter offending and punish those found guilty of racism.

The League will work with clubs and fans – and build upon existing partnerships with the Police, Crown Prosecution Service, stewards and supporter groups – to maintain a consistent approach to racist abuse. 

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