No Room For Racism

Lookman: Education is key to phasing out racism

19 Oct 2021

Leicester winger says it is crucial the next generation learn about the importance of diversity

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For Leicester City winger Ademola Lookman, racism is a sign of an ignorance which he hopes will be eradicated as the next generation learn about the importance and value of diversity.

The Premier League has dedicated the latest weekend and next round of match action to their ongoing No Room For Racism initiative, which includes an extensive library of free teaching resources available via Premier League Primary Stars.

"The messages that some people send online, that's not something that they've just done," says Lookman in the video below. "It's because they’ve felt that way for a number of years.

"That's due to the fact that they're uneducated, so if you put the right messages into classrooms for kids who can learn over time and actually learn about history and people, about different races and different backgrounds, then of course that will help a lot."

'People should be held accountable'

Lookman has been a victim of racial discrimination himself online and is urging social media companies to do more.

"I don't think it's right for somebody to hide behind a screen and to send all sorts of messages and get away with it," he says.

"People should be held more accountable, especially people who are grown up enough to make their own decisions and yet are still making a decision to act that way.

"It shouldn't just fall on footballers and clubs as there are so many people who can help with fighting racism."

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