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Dennis Bergkamp: The Master

11 Aug 2022

PL30: Dennis Bergkamp - A Genius of Space

Dutchman looks back on his Arsenal career and reveals if he meant that iconic goal at Newcastle


Dennis Bergkamp: The Master

“You want to play good football. But you want to win games as well."

“One of each is just not good enough.”   

Dennis Bergkamp was a pioneer of seeing the game in a different way. His was a game of space, of movement; of touch, of power, of magic. 

From the moment he arrived in the Premier League he expanded the concept of what was possible, of what a footballer can be. In the process, as Patrick Vieira puts it, “he’d do things on the field that push people to fall in love with the game.” 

Nothing defines his impact, his legacy, better than a piece of impromptu genius against Newcastle. The result was a goal. But it was also so much more… 


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