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The goals. The highs. The legends made. The dreams achieved. 30 years of unforgettable drama. Only in the Premier League.


Celebrating Brilliant Stories

15 Aug 2022

PL30: Celebrate thirty years of thrilling stories

Incredible action. Community support. Bringing people together. All made possible by your support

30 Years of the Premier League

30 years of lungs busting, nets bulging. 
Audacious lobs, outrageous flicks.
Young pretenders, and legends returned.

30 years of gasps, groans, chants. 
Full-time cheers, tears, the train ride home. 
Saying: “we were there.”

30 years of spine-tingling drama. 
Upsets, giant killings and last-gasp heroes. 
Only in the Premier League.

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Our Greatest Stories

From where it all began to modern day icons, we’ve selected 10 stories that define the Premier League.

30 Years of the Premier League

Inspiring local communities.

Investing in communities and support,
in the game, in grass roots.

Providing opportunities to people from all backgrounds
and ages to follow their dreams.

Our Trophy Tour is a celebration of changing the lives of millions of people around the world through our shared love of football.

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