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FPL Experts: Don't forget your bench

31 Dec 2018

The experts advise that in the festive schedule Fantasy managers should factor in their whole squad

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With 30 Premier League matches in 12 days it is a busy time for Fantasy Premier League managers.

One area they should focus on is their bench, say the FPL experts.

"You have got to look at your squad as a whole and make sure your bench is strong enough," says Mark Sutherns. "So I always look at that, and presume that I'm going to need all three subs.

"It's no good going into Christmas with one or two of those players not likely to play, you've got to plan for the worst-case scenario.

"You're going to get injuries and, if there is a knock, that could turn into an absentee quite easily because of the quick turnaround in fixtures; you can get suspensions, of course."

Managers should also be cautious about making transfers over the festive period, says Sam Bonfield.

She suggests the risk of going beyond your one free transfer each Gameweek should be avoided because the players you bring in may not even play.

"It's really important to not spend points if possible because it's so easy for players to get rotated," Bonfield says. "The last thing you want is to have spent four points on them only to find them sitting on a bench."

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