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FPL Experts: If you're ahead, don't take risks

31 Dec 2018

The Fantasy experts offer advice for those who are flying high at the midway point in the season

For Fantasy Premier League managers sitting on top of their mini-leagues, the message from the experts is simple: change nothing.

"The main thing is to be patient with what you've got," says David Munday. "What you've done until that point has been successful enough to put you in that position."

Lee Bonfield believes that managers should not take too many risks.

"Try and be more conservative," he says. "You don't need to take risks if you're winning. So have a look at the underlying stats, see who you think is going to be the player who is going to make the difference for your team."

Captaincy decisions are also key to remaining top of the pile, says Sam Bonfield.

"Stick with the players you really trust to bring home the points and really be careful with who you put your captain’s armband on," she says.

It is also important to keep a clear head when the pressure of being in the lead begins to build.

"Keep a level head," says Mark Sutherns. "If you've got a plan that's worked and got you to the top of your mini-league so far, don't deviate from that. Don't let other people's positions guide your own."

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