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24 Dec 2018

Find out which players to pick using the Alexa voice assistant

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Alexa has a new Skill and it could change your Fantasy Premier League fortunes this season.

The official FPL Skill is now available and is your definitive voice assistant while managing your Fantasy team.

You can ask Alexa for your team's Gameweek points, upcoming fixtures, latest results, bonus points, top-performing players and much more.

Just link your Premier League account via the Alexa app and then try saying: "Alexa, open Fantasy Premier League..." to explore. 

Get the FPL Skill now at the Alexa Skill Store.

How do I get set up?

Firstly, you need to have an FPL team. If you don't have one, you can register here to have the chance to win a range of prizes.

Open the Alexa app on your device and go to the "Fantasy Premier League" Skill.

Tap the "Enable" button and sign in to your Fantasy Premier League account, then tap "Authorize".

What can I ask Alexa?

You can ask Alexa a wide range of questions about your FPL team:

- What games were played last week?
- What's the average points scored this Gameweek?
- What's the deadline for next Gameweek?
- Who are the players in form?
- Who are the goalkeepers in form?
- Who are the defenders in form?
- Who are the midfielders in form?
- Who are the forwards in form?
- Who is playing this week?
- What were last week’s results?
- Who's playing next week?
- Who's playing at home next Gameweek?
- Who got the assist for {e.g. Fulham}?
- Which player assisted in the {e.g. Everton} v {e.g. Chelsea} game?
- What player received bonus points in the {e.g. Southampton} game?
- Which players scored bonus points in the {e.g. Watford} versus {e.g. Liverpool} match?
- Who got a card in the {e.g. Arsenal} game?
- Who has scored for {e.g. Spurs}?
- Who scored in the {e.g. Brighton} v {e.g. Newcastle} game?
- What's the highest score this week?
- Which players were the most transferred in this week?
- Which players have been transferred out the most this Gameweek?
- What is my cup status?
- How many points are on my bench?
- Which players have scored bonus points this week?
- How many points did my team captain score this Gameweek?
- How many points have my players scored this Gameweek?
- Who in my team has not played this week?
- How many points did I score this week?
- Have any of my players scored this Gameweek?
- Which players are on the bench this Gameweek?
- Who in my team is unavailable this week?
- What's my Gameweek update?
- Which players play for {e.g. Bournemouth}?
- Is next Gameweek a Double Gameweek?
- Have the bonus points been updated this week?
- What are the next fixtures for {e.g. Leicester}?
- Which opponent do {e.g. Crystal Palace} face this week? 

Please note the Fantasy Premier League Skill doesn't support "Pick Team" or "Transfer" functionality.

How do I provide feedback? 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the Fantasy Premier League Skill as we look to improve it for the future.

Please email any feedback or suggestions to

Get the FPL Skill now at the Alexa Skills Store.

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