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FPL Experts: The return of the third forward

26 Dec 2018

Mark Sutherns, David Munday and Sam and Lee Bonfield discuss the FPL trends of the season so far

It's the mid-point of the 2018/19 season and four Fantasy Premier League experts sat down to review the campaign so far as well as cast their eyes towards the second half.

One trend the experts identified in FPL this season was the rise of the cheap forward.

"There are about four or five of them," says Lee Bonfield. "We'd been talking about the death of the third striker and talking about one or two premiums, and 'There is no one else we want in that £5.0m or £6.0m or below bracket.'

"But all of a sudden they are starting to come to the fore and we are thinking perhaps we should shove our funds toward the back end of the team."

As for which of these strikers have stood out, Sam Bonfield singles out one.

"Raul Jimenez [£6.2m] of Wolves, has been outstanding this season," she says.

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