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How will ties be decided in FPL mini-leagues?

12 May 2018
Guardiola and Fernandinho

If two or more managers have the same points total on Sunday, the winner will be decided by the number of transfers made

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All around the world, Fantasy Premier League managers will be busy preparing for Gameweek 38, the final Gameweek of the 2017/18 season, looking for a final push in their mini-leagues.

But, come Sunday evening, should more than one manager have the same points total at the top of a mini-league, how is the winner decided?

The FPL rules state: “In the event of a tie between teams, the team who has made the least amount of transfers will be positioned higher.

“Any transfers made using a Wildcard or Free Hit will not count towards total transfers made.”

Shared glory

But what if the managers have made the same number of transfers? Who will be top then?

Managers with the same number of points and transfers made will be tied at the top.

One manager will appear above another in the table but both, or more, will be ranked first.

In the event of there being a Fantasy Premier League prize at stake, that prize will go to the manager who was first to register their team, or with the lower entry ID.

As for mini-leagues, well, that is up to the league participants to decide whether they wish to allow only one winner and how to determine it.

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