What's new this season: Bans for diving

3 Aug 2017
Referee Paul Tierney

Players guilty of simulation could receive two-match suspensions, one of 10 new things to look out for in 2017/18

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With eight days to go until the start of the 2017/18 Premier League season, introduces new developments for the forthcoming campaign.

Simulation suspensions

Players who dive or feign injury could face a two-match suspension starting from this season.

Footage from the weekend's fixtures will be reviewed each Monday and any player found guilty of simulation will be banned.

The three-man panel will consist of one former match official, a former manager and an ex-player.

The Football Association will only be able to impose the ban if the panel's decision is a unanimous one. 

If a player is found guilty of deceiving an official or admits to the charge, the yellow or red card given to the opposing player can be rescinded.

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