Premier League launches Fan Engagement Standard

22 Mar 2023
Fan Engangement Standard, Aston Villa

Fan Engagement Standard designed to reinforce clubs' relationships with their supporters

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Premier League statement: Fan Engagement Standard
Fan Engagement Standard
Premier League statement: Fan engagement

The Premier League is pleased to announce the launch of the Fan Engagement Standard (FES).

The FES is the latest in a series of League-wide measures designed to reinforce our clubs' commitment to ensuring long-term meaningful engagement with supporters.

Download: Premier League Fan Engagement Standard

Clubs initially endorsed the development of the FES at the Premier League AGM in June 2022 and it is being introduced following a period of detailed planning.

"Supporters have always been the lifeblood of football and Premier League fans are known around the world for their passion and enthusiasm," said Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters.

"Clubs already carry out a great deal of work in this area, and the Standard is the next step in enhancing these collective efforts"

Richard Masters, Premier League Chief Executive

"There is no doubt they are essential to the ongoing success of the game, so I am delighted to introduce the new Fan Engagement Standard.

"It is vital we ensure the voices of supporters are not only heard in the stands, but also when it comes to having a say on key issues relating to their clubs. The Standard puts structures in place to establish consistency across the League and improve transparency.

"Clubs already carry out a great deal of work in this area, and the Standard is the next step in enhancing these collective efforts. It builds on existing work and is integral to ensuring fan consultation and regular dialogue is embedded across all policies and practices."

The FES embraces the unique identity and culture of each club and its fanbase, while also helping to establish a clear required standard for supporter engagement.

It will measure the varied and valuable work of clubs and fans in a practical way that helps to promote collaboration and the sharing of good practice. 

How will it work?

The FES introduces a framework which clubs will follow when designing and implementing their own individual approaches to fan engagement.

What are the key elements?

The FES has five themes, each linked to a series of core commitments and activities. Collectively these form a baseline for club engagement that sets minimum standards, with defined methods of consulting, reporting and review, each designed to promote transparency and continuous improvement.

How will I know what my club is doing?

In the coming days each club will publish an update on its own work to date on the FES. This will set out its own approach to key areas, including the establishment of a Fan Advisory Board. 

Prior to the start of Season 2023/24, for the first time all clubs will publish a Fan Engagement Plan, setting out their own approach to FES activity throughout the season. The strategy at each club will be led by a Nominated Board-level official to oversee fan engagement and the operation of the Fan Advisory Board.

What is the role of the League?

The League will work with clubs to evaluate the outputs of the FES and to promote good practice among club staff and fan group representatives. Across the remainder of the current season, selected clubs will assist in developing a method of assessment. This will help the League to determine how clubs will report on the FES and how to shape any related recommendations for improvement.

In the long-term, the League will also work with clubs and other stakeholders to ensure the FES framework continues to reflect good practice, incorporating elements such as training courses and linking with other League initiatives including the Fans Fund.

How can fans get involved?

You can read your own club's response to the launch of the FES by clicking on the links below.

AFC Bournemouth Chelsea Leicester Nott'm Forest
Arsenal Crystal Palace Liverpool Southampton
Aston Villa Everton Man City Spurs
Brentford Fulham Man Utd West Ham
Brighton Leeds Newcastle Wolves

Consultation is at the heart of the FES and every fan is encouraged to have a voice by actively participating in any engagement activity promoted by your club or affiliated fan groups.

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