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FPL player price changes: why it happens and how it affects managers

19 Oct 2022
Kieran Trippier and Miguel Almiron, Newcastle

Find out why player prices fluctuate in FPL and how to avoid losing team value

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With player prices in Fantasy Premier League susceptible to price changes on a daily basis, here is an explanation of how and why this occurs.

Why prices change

Player prices may change when they are heavily transferred in or out by FPL managers. A player's price can rise by £0.1m per day if they are a popular transfer in. However, if a player is heavily sold by FPL managers, their price can drop by £0.1m per day.

The change in a player's price will reflect their activity in the transfer market.

When prices change

Player price changes happen overnight UK time.

Impact of price changes

When a player has a price change, it can have an impact on FPL managers.

Managers can find themselves priced out of buying a player that they want. This can be because one of their players has decreased by £0.1m or the player that they have been targeting, has risen by £0.1m.

Over the course of the season, FPL managers try to grow their team value by investing in the players, who are the most popular transfers in. This means that their team would be worth more than the £100m given to FPL managers in pre-season.

However, the transfer market can also mean that manager' team value can slip under £100m, if their players are heavily transferred out.

Monitor transfers in and out

Managers should monitor the transfers in and out of players over the course of the season. This will allow managers to see who the most popular transfers in are; the players likely to rise in price, as well as the most heavily-sold players, who are likely to fall in price.

Prices shown on the transfer page are players' selling prices minus any sell-on fee. To check the price you paid for a player, please use the list view on the transfers page.

The selling price for a player may be less than the current price at which FPL managers can buy the player.

This is a sell-on fee of 50 per cent (rounded up to the nearest £0.1m), will be applied on any profits made on that player. For example, if FPL managers buy a player for £5.5m and sell him when his price is £5.9m, the selling price will be £5.7m.

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