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How to check FPL bonus points during matches

25 Aug 2023
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Fantasy managers can see which players are likely to be rewarded by observing the live tallies as they are updated

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Bonus points can be crucial in helping Fantasy Premier League managers move up their mini-leagues or win head-to-heads.

These points are usually confirmed about an hour after the final match of the day has ended. But you don't have to wait until then to get a sense of which of your players, or your rivals', might be rewarded for their performances.

Managers can check on how the Bonus Points System (BPS) is ranking the players during the course of the match, and see whether their goalkeeper is picking up save points.

To do so on desktop, click on the "Fixtures" tab in Fantasy and select the match in question.

In the app, go to "Fixtures and Results" in the Fantasy section and again choose your match.

At the bottom of the match information you will find a running tally showing how the players involved are performing in the BPS.

This can give an indication of how bonus points are likely to be awarded, although managers should wait for confirmation before celebrating success.

The top-ranked player in the BPS at the end of each match will be given three additional Fantasy points, while the second and third-placed players will get two and one respectively.

See: How the FPL Bonus Points System works

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