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How FPL assists are awarded: Foul play

By The Scout 22 Aug 2019

The last in the series explaining how Fantasy assists are awarded highlights how tricky wingers can deliver points

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When Fantasy Premier League managers are considering buying players who can provide assists, good dribblers should be considered.

In the final part of a series analysing the awarding of FPL assists, we explain how players who take on opponents can earn extra points.

Players can pick up points by winning free-kicks and penalties.

An example is in the video above. In Gameweek 16 of 2017/18, Wilfried Zaha was awarded an assist for Luka Milivojevic’s converted penalty at home to AFC Bournemouth.

This is because Crystal Palace were awarded the penalty after Cherries goalkeeper Asmir Begovic fouled Zaha inside the penalty area.

Forcing the issue

Remember that assists are also given to players who draw a handball from an opponent via a pass, cross, shot or final touch.

The attacking player must be seen to force the handball with their action in order for the assist to be awarded.

However, bear in mind that no assists are awarded to players for winning a free-kick or penalty that they convert themselves.

For example, in Gameweek 4 of 2017/18, Jamie Vardy earned his side a penalty in Leicester City’s 2-1 home defeat by Chelsea when he drew a foul from Thibaut Courtois.

Although the penalty was converted, Vardy earned no assist points because he was the scorer of the spot-kick.

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