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How FPL assists are awarded: Rebounds

By The Scout 22 Aug 2019

The second of a three-part series explaining Fantasy assists highlights how blocked shots can still earn points

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When Fantasy Premier League managers see their players shoot, they hope for one outcome: a goal.

However, even if that shot is blocked or saved, it can still be rewarded in FPL.

In the second part of a series analysing FPL assists, we look at how shots can play their part, showing how the rules are applied.


Players who have their shots saved, blocked by a defender or denied by the woodwork can earn an assist if the ball then falls to a team-mate to score or results in an own goal. The shot does not have to be on target to result in an assist. 

Touches or deflections from an opponent before the rebound do not cancel out the assist unless there is more than one that significantly changes the trajectory or power of the first failed shot on goal. 

Arsenal v Brighton & Hove Albion in Gameweek 7 of 2017/18 provided a good example.

For Nacho Monreal's opening goal, Hector Bellerin's shot is blocked by a defender. The ball diverts to Monreal, who converts. The assist, therefore, went to Bellerin.

However, it is crucial that the action leading to the block or rebound is identified as a shot or at least a cross-shot and not an obvious cross or pass attempt.

In Gameweek 5 in 2017/18, for Steven Davis's goal for Southampton at Crystal Palace, no FPL assist was awarded because Dusan Tadic's ball into the area was recorded as a cross and not a shot.

Wayne Hennessey's touch alters the intended destination of that cross, which was identified as being Shane Long or the near-post area.

Second attempt

A player cannot score a goal and also earn an assist because their initial shot has been blocked, saved or struck the woodwork.

Indeed, when a player scores from a second attempt, no assist is awarded to the team-mate who provided the pass or cross.

As shown in the video at the top of this article, an example of this occurred when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored for Arsenal at Leicester City in Gameweek 37 of 2017/18.

The forward’s initial shot was saved by Kasper Schmeichel before he converted the rebound.

Ashley Maitland-Niles provided the pass to Aubameyang but was denied an assist because the scorer failed with his first attempt.

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