Made for each other: The most prolific partners

14 Feb 2018

On Valentine's Day, we celebrate the Premier League's most productive pairings

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To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we look at the top five attacking partnerships who have provided the most Premier League goals for each other.

Drogba & Lampard

Leading the way are two players who loved to pick each other out during a spell of great success at Chelsea.

Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba combined to score a total of 36 Premier League goals.

The midfielder set up Drogba on 24 occasions, while the Ivorian repaid the favour 12 times to help Lampard on his way to becoming the fourth-highest scorer in PL history.

Henry & Pires

The French connection between Robert Pires and Thierry Henry also proved profitable for Arsenal.

They laid on 29 goals for each other, with Henry scoring 17 and Pires 12.

Sheringham & Anderton

Teddy Sheringham and Darren Anderton had a similarly telepathic relationship at Tottenham Hotspur, providing each other with 27 goals.

Anderton was largely the provider, with 20 assists to Sheringham.

Fowler & McManaman

Next come Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman who worked together for 24 goals at Liverpool from the 1990s.

This relationship was balanced towards McManaman providing for Fowler to finish, which he did 20 times.

Ljungberg & Henry

At Arsenal, Henry also forged a profitable bond with Fredrik Ljungberg, the Swede combining with the Frenchman on 24 occasions.

In this relationship, Henry was more often the assister, setting up 15 goals while getting nine in return.

Man City's dynamic duo

As for close partners in the competition at present, Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero and David Silva are heading towards the top five.

The pair have provided each other with 22 goals, Aguero netting the lion's share with 15.

Top five partnerships for goals
Player Goals Total goals Goals Player
Drogba 24 36 12 Lampard
Henry 17 29 12 Pires
Sheringham 20 27 7 Anderton
Fowler 20 24 4 McManaman
Ljungberg 15 24 9 Henry


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