Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Challenge: What is it and how to play?

30 Mar 2024
FPL Challenge

Find out all you need to know about the EXCITING new Fantasy game mode starting this weekend

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FPL Challenge is a new way of playing Fantasy Premier League which allows managers to test their skills by facing a new challenge each week.

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There will be a different challenge in each Gameweek. Perhaps the budget for your squad will be changed. Maybe players from certain clubs will score double points.

Each manager may only enter one team, and that team is able to compete in up to 25 different leagues. Your team is entirely separate from your team in the main Fantasy Premier League game and your scores don’t affect the main game.

In FPL Challenge, your scores from different Gameweeks are NOT added together to create a total across the season. Instead, scores are reset at zero at the start of each Gameweek, so in every Gameweek you have a chance of winning your league and even being the world No 1!

Indeed, there will be prizes in each Gameweek for the top three managers in the world.

You can also essentially decide your own deadline and join in MIDWAY through a Gameweek, providing there are at least two fixtures remaining when you enter your team.

How do I build and manage a squad?

Each Gameweek you select a new 15-player squad from scratch.

Just like in Fantasy Premier League, a standard squad consists of 15 players with a budget of £100.0m, and managers must pick two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards.
You choose a captain who scores double points, and a vice-captain, and can play in any formation providing you select one goalkeeper, at least three defenders and at least one forward.

The rest of your squad go on your bench and are automatically substituted into your line-up if one of your 11 starting players does not make an appearance.

How does your team score points?

The points-scoring system is also identical to FPL.

However, each weekly challenge could impact a player’s output in FPL Challenge.
Scores will be reset at the start of each Gameweek, and prizes will be won on a weekly basis.

What are the other differences to Fantasy Premier League?

You will be able to pick up to FIVE players from each Premier League club, instead of the usual three players in FPL.

This allows you to load up on attacking sides against weak defences and target specific matches in a Gameweek.

The deadlines for entering a team are also different, giving managers a number of opportunities to join in throughout the Gameweek.

These later deadlines also mean you can be more informed with your decision-making, as you will be able to see the line-ups of Premier League clubs BEFORE entering your FPL Challenge team.

How do these later deadlines work?

Players only get locked in or locked out of your team when their match starts. You can add or remove them from your team right up until kick-off.

As an example, in Gameweek 30, Newcastle United and West Ham United face each other in Saturday's early match, kicking off at 12:30 GMT.

While the deadline for Fantasy Premier League is at 11:00 GMT, the FIRST deadline for FPL Challenge is 12:30 GMT, for managers who want to include Newcastle and West Ham players in their FPL Challenge squad. This allows you to react to the line-ups for both clubs.

You can join at ANY TIME, just with fewer players to choose from. You can join at any time until the Final Gameweek Deadline. In Gameweek 30 this is on Sunday at 14:00 BST as there must be at least three teams who are yet to play a match.

Even after that point, you can continue to make changes to your team (e.g. starting 11, transfers, captain). However, once a player's club has started their first match of the Gameweek, they will be locked from any changes, so you can't swap them in or out.

Please note that to play FPL Challenge on the app, you need to update to the latest version from the app store. 

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