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What’s new this season: Doctors to get video help

10 Aug 2017
Jack Cork, Swansea City

Club doctors and physiotherapists can now watch replays of injuries from the dugout, a rule change to help protect players from concussion

Ahead of the start of the season we continue our look at 10 things new to the Premier League in 2017/18.

Video in the dugout

Video technology has been allowed into technical areas to help better protect players from the damages of concussion.

It means that club doctors and physiotherapists will for the first time be able to watch replays of any injury within seconds of the incident occuring.

How does watching a replay help?

Many signs of concussion are subtle and only apparent in the first few seconds following injury. By the time the doctor arrives on the pitch the player may be feeling and looking fine.

The introduction of video technology means that doctors will be able to spot these tell-tale signs, even if they did not have the best view of the incident when it happened.

Previously the reviewing of footage was only permitted in the tunnel.

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