PL Kicks Cup

How PL Kicks Cup gives young people the chance to shine

26 Jul 2022

Three-day event in Nottingham highlighted how PL Kicks helps participants overcome barriers to reach their potential

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"I go to PL Kicks sessions three or four times a week, I just like how you get to just be yourself and do what you love the most."

For the 950 participants who attended this year's Premier League Kicks Cup, the tournament was about much more than the action on the pitch - it was a celebration of how PL Kicks provides opportunities to young people across England and Wales all year round.

Featuring 100 teams from more than 70 Premier League, EFL and National League clubs, the three-day event in Nottingham encompassed the different aspects of the programme, with boys, girls and pan-disability tournaments as well as workshops, music and activities such as Street Golf.

"Young people who maybe wouldn't get the chance to meet eachother, young people from so many different communities and backgrounds, but Kicks is the one thing that they share," said Martin Ingham-Griffith, Senior Community Programmes Manager at the Premier League Charitable Fund.

"It's really powerful to see the way that they engage with eachother. There's something really beautiful about that."

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