League helping children learn about Safer Internet Day

8 Feb 2022
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Kids in primary schools and at club Academies learning about respect and relationships online

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Today, 8 February, marks Safer Internet Day, a date in the calendar when people and organisations work together with the aim of making the internet a safer and better place, especially for young people.

The Premier League is helping children in primary schools and at club Academies to learn about respect and relationships online.

As part of this year’s theme of "Together for a better internet", the League has launched free new resources via the Premier League Primary Stars programme for teachers to use within the classroom, which cover respect and relationships online.

See: PL Primary Stars resources for Safer Internet Day

These resources have been generated in collaboration with UK charity Childnet and challenge pupils to create an online game detailing three rules of respect that players must follow.

The downloadable activity aims to use children’s passion for the Premier League to engage them in learning. 

Premier League - The challenge

As well as supporting primary schools with free Safer Internet Day activity, the Premier League and clubs have been working in partnership with the children’s charity, the NSPCC, to continue to promote online safety in Academies.

In partnership with the League, the NSPCC has held sessions with Academy players aged from nine upwards about elements such as identifying appropriate online behaviour and relationships, the impact online behaviour can have on a career and tools and support networks to keep them safe online and offline.

Parent and carer-focussed sessions have also been provided to ensure that trusted adults of scholars know of the work and support available to their children so that they are able to stay safe online.

Working with clubs on online safety

The NSPCC has also worked alongside the Premier League's Safeguarding team to run a webinar for club staff to help them understand more about keeping children safe online.

"Everyone has a role to play in preventing abuse both offline and online and we are pleased to be working with the Premier League and clubs to help keep children safe,” said Kate Edwards, Associate Head of Child Safety Online from the NPSCC.

"We’re collaborating on a safeguarding pilot programme and are delivering tailored Online Safety workshops to young people in Academies, their parents and carers and professionals at clubs.

"We are pleased to be working with the Premier League and clubs to help keep children safe"

Kate Edwards, NPSCC

"It is crucial that adults know what to do if they have a concern and that young people know there’s somewhere they can turn when they need someone, whether it’s online, in football or everyday life.

"We’ve consulted with clubs including West Ham United and Leeds United to make sure our NSPCC workshops available through the Premier League Lifeskills programme are relevant to young people in an Academy and help adults to offer support and advice."

Here is how clubs are supporting Safer Internet Day 2022.

Learn more about Premier League Safeguarding

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