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Sunak: League's contribution to economy is fantastic

30 Jan 2022
Rishi Sunak

Chancellor praises Premier League after report reveals it contributed £7.6bn to UK economy in 2019/20

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The Chancellor of the Exchequer has praised the impact of the Premier League in how much it raises for the UK economy.

The EY Report into the economic and social impact of the Premier League that was released today has revealed that Premier League football contributed £7.6billion to the UK economy during the pandemic-hit 2019/20 season.

"It's fantastic that the Premier League has contributed billions to the economy throughout the pandemic," Chancellor Rishi Sunak said. "This is testament to football fans’ unwavering support for the beautiful game.”

The EY report reveals that in 2019/20, the League and its clubs generated a total tax contribution of £3.6bn to the UK Exchequer, which Sunak now heads. Of this sum, £1.4bn was accounted for by Premier League players.

The total tax contribution underpinned by clubs has increased from £0.5bn in 1998/99, and this sum would have been greater but for the pandemic, which led to an estimated £1.3bn loss in broadcast and matchday revenues due to Premier League matches being played behind closed doors.

7503_Premier League_EY Infographics_v6_1

The report also highlights the funding for grassroots football by the Premier League, which is accompanied by Government investment in public facilities.

In October, the Government announced £205m of additional funding that will be invested into community sports facilities throughout the UK.  The facilities in England will be delivered through the Football Foundation, which the Premier League funds along with Government and The FA. 

"This report shows the Premier League continues to score for the economy," Sunak added. "And we are continuing to invest in the game through our support for grassroots facilities in communities across the country.

"This will help the next generation of players realise their dream of playing in the world's greatest league, wherever they come from."

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