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Results from the PS4 group stage and quarter-finals

24 Mar 2021
2021 ePremier League Finals brackets

See how Spurs, Sheff Utd, Brighton and Man City progressed to Friday's ePL Finals Day

Day 2 in the 2020/21 ePremier League Finals has drawn to a close, with four of the United Kingdom's best EA SPORTS FIFA 21 players on PlayStation 4 reaching Friday's semi-finals.

Defending champion Tom 'Hashtag Tom' Leese, representing Tottenham Hotspur, Sheffield United's Mitchell 'Mhaywxrd' Hayward, Brighton & Hove Albion's Marc 'MarcMarleyyy' Marley and Manchester City's Shaun 'Shellzz' Springette reached last four in a thrilling second day of action. 

On Tuesday, Xbox gamers battled through the group stage and quarter-finals to reach the final four. On Friday, the winners of the two console finals will then battle it out to be the overall ePremier League champion.

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Friday's ePL 2020/21 Finals Day
Date Times (GMT) Stages
Fri 26 March 18:00-22:00 Xbox/PS4 semi-finals + finals + Grand Final

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Friday's PS4 semi-finals

1. Thomas 'HashtagTom_' Leese (TOT) v Mitchell 'Mhaywxrd' Hayward (SHU)
2. Marc 'MarcMarleyyy' Marley (BHA) v Shaun 'Shellzz' Springette (MCI)

Wednesday's PS4 matches 
PS4 quarter-final results

1. Thomas 'HashtagTom_' Leese (TOT) *2-2 Daniel 'Stingrayjnr' Ray (LIV) (TOT win on penalties)
2. Mitchell 'Mhaywxrd' Hayward (SHU) 6-4 Ethan 'EthxnH' Higgins (SOU)
3. Damian 'Damie' Augustyniak (FUL) 3-4 Marc 'MarcMarleyyy' Marley (BHA)
4. Shaun 'Shellzz' Springette (MCI)* 4-4 Cosmin 'NFG Cosmin' Petrescu (LEI) (MCI win on penalties)

PS4 group-stage results
Group A

Opening match
1. Danny 'dannytaylor' Taylor (NEW) 4-5 Marc 'MarcMarleyyy' Marley (BHA)

Winners’ matches
2. Curtis 'Papsity' Poole (WHU) 2-3 Michael 'Michael-Fisher20' Fisher (LEE)
3. Thomas 'HashtagTom_' Leese (TOT) 7-3 Marc 'MarcMarleyyy' Marley (BHA)

Losers’ match
4. Curtis 'Papsity' Poole (WHU) 4-5 Danny 'dannytaylor' Taylor (NEW)

Elimination match
5. Marc 'MarcMarleyyy' Marley (BHA) 5-2 Danny 'dannytaylor' Taylor (NEW)

Qualification matches
6. Thomas 'HashtagTom_' Leese (TOT) 3-2 Michael 'Michael-Fisher20' Fisher (LEE)
7. Michael 'Michael-Fisher20' Fisher (LEE) 3-4 Marc 'MarcMarleyyy' Marley (BHA)

Group B

Opening match
1. Tassal 'FaZe Tass' Rushan (ARS) 3-2 Michael 'MP9Mike' Pereira (CRY)

Winners’ matches
2. Mitchell 'Mhaywxrd' Hayward (SHU) 3-2 Cosmin 'NFG Cosmin' Petrescu (LEI)
3. Tunahan 'BundledUnsal' Unsal (WOL) 4-3 Tassal 'FaZe Tass' Rushan (ARS)

Losers’ match
4. Cosmin 'NFG Cosmin' Petrescu (LEI) 8-2 Michael 'MP9Mike' Pereira (CRY)

Elimination match
5. Tassal 'FaZe Tass' Rushan (ARS) 2-3 Cosmin 'NFG Cosmin' Petrescu (LEI)

Qualification matches
6. Tunahan 'BundledUnsal' Unsal (WOL) 2-4 Mitchell 'Mhaywxrd' Hayward (SHU)
7. Tunahan 'BundledUnsal' Unsal (WOL) 4-8 Cosmin 'NFG Cosmin' Petrescu (LEI)

Group C

Opening match
1. Salman 'Salman_Ahmad19' Ahmad (BUR) 5-7 Harry 'Davobbos' Hesketh (EVE)

Winners’ matches
2. Daniel 'Stingrayjnr' Ray (LIV) 4-3 Cameron 'SAF Cameron' Willey (AVL)
3. Damian 'Damie' Augustyniak (FUL) 9-6 Harry 'Davobbos' Hesketh (EVE)

Losers’ match
4. Cameron 'SAF Cameron' Willey (AVL) 4-3 Salman 'Salman_Ahmad19' Ahmad (BUR)

Elimination match
5. Harry 'Davobbos' Hesketh (EVE) 3-3 Cameron 'SAF Cameron' Willey (AVL)* (AVL win on penalties)

Qualification matches
6. Damian 'Damie' Augustyniak (FUL) 5-4 Daniel 'Stingrayjnr' Ray (LIV)
7. Daniel 'Stingrayjnr' Ray (LIV) *2-2 Cameron 'SAF Cameron' Willey (AVL) *(LIV win on penalties)

Group D

Opening match
1. Kyle 'SAF Hammond' Hammond (CHE) 8-7 Hanad 'H1TheGoat' Jama (MUN)

Winners’ matches
2. Ethan 'EthxnH' Higgins (SOU) 6-2 Akima 'Fully' Byron (WBA)
3. Shaun 'Shellzz' Springette (MCI) 7-2 Kyle 'SAF Hammond' Hammond (CHE)

Losers’ match
4. Akima 'Fully' Byron (WBA)* 5-5 Hanad 'H1TheGoat' Jama (MUN) *(WBA win on penalties)

Elimination match
5. Kyle 'SAF Hammond' Hammond (CHE) 5-8 Akima 'Fully' Byron (WBA)

Qualification matches
6. Shaun 'Shellzz' Springette (MCI) 4-2 Ethan 'EthxnH' Higgins (SOU)
7. Ethan 'EthxnH' Higgins (SOU) 5-1 Akima 'Fully' Byron (WBA)

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