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Primary Stars: Try, try and try again

9 Jun 2020
Primary Stars - Try your best challenge

Let us know how you getting on with learning a new skill as part of the latest Friday Family Challenge

How are you progressing with your new skill?

Every week, Premier League Primary Stars sets new challenge for families to take part in.

This week's challenge was revealed by TV presenter, Gabby Logan.


The challenge is to learn a new active skill and record your progress as you practise each day.

Learning a new skill can be difficult at first and requires resilience and a commitment to keep on trying. The more you practice the better you will become.

What new skill are you learning? Don't worry if you've not started yet, there's still time to join in.

You could try one of these active skills or come up with your own:

- Aim to do 20 keepie-uppies with a football in a row
- Learn one of our Super Movers routines
- Try and learn how to juggle

Learn more about the challenge and to download the worksheet to track your progress.

See: Try Your Best challenge

We would love to hear what you've learnt and how you got on. Why not share an image of your worksheet, or a photo of you practising your new skill via Twitter @PLCommunities or via email at

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