Cork gives support to Get In Touch campaign

2 May 2020
Get In Touch composite lead

Burnley midfielder explains why getting in contact with elderly relatives or neighbours is so important at this time

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Since the lockdown started in the UK, Premier League players and managers have been getting in contact with elderly fans to help them keep connected and ease anxiety and feelings of isolation.

Burnley's Jack Cork, Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti and Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk are among the stars who have phoned fans.

Elsewhere, Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation launched a successful pen-pal scheme where schoolchildren have written letters to elderly neighbours.

Cork chatted with Burnley season-ticket holders Pete and Carol Holden last month and found the call rewarding.

"They didn't know it was me for the first 10 minutes!" Cork said. "They thought they were just having a chat with someone from Burnley. 

"It was just nice to talk to them and see how they're doing, how well they're getting on, how much they're missing football and how much they're missing being allowed out of the house."

The Premier League is launching its #GetInTouch campaign as part of the PL Primary Stars Friday Family Challenge.

It calls on football fans to contact an older relative, friend or neighbour, either by letter or by phone, to show their support for those who may be feeling isolated.

Mental wellbeing

Staying connected through the pandemic is an important way to encourage positive mental wellbeing. The #GetInTouch campaign follows on from the launch of the online Premier League #StayWell hub last week.​

"You never know, really, what people are going through," Cork said. "And just to make a phone call or send a message every day, it's not hard.

"It's easy to do, and it makes their day for them. Talking helps a lot more than people realise."

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