Clubs show you how to stay fit at home

10 May 2020
Liverpool fitness graphic

Premier League teams use their expertise in fitness and put together exercise videos to help keep us active

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Clubs have been sharing advice on how to keep your mind and body healthy by yourself, either at home or outside.

Brighton & Hove Albion

Sports scientist Jordan Smith takes you through a complete body-weight circuit you can do at home


Clarets staff and players provide advice on staying active and healthy (Full story)


20-minute workout with Nike trainer Jamie Reynolds: Body strength (watch)
Five-minute exercise routine (watch)
20-minute home workout with Billy Gilmour and Nike trainer Pele: Agility (watch)

Crystal Palace

Head of sports medicine Dr Zafar Iqbal offers guidance on eating and exercise (Full story)
Expert advice on how fans can stay healthy during Ramadan (Full story)


Yoga session with Toffees' director of medical services (watch)
Tackling The Blues coordinator Jack Mullineux's five exercises for kids (watch)
Ten-minute chair-based workout suitable for all (watch)
Prevent area coordinator Paul Semple's kids fitness exercises (watch)
Social action lead Dimitrios Christou's home workout (watch)
Health and wellbeing manager Johnnie Garside's 10-minute workout


LFC's Home Workouts Part 3: All you need is a chair (watch)
LFC's Home Workouts Part 2: Swiss ball session (watch)
LFC's Home Workouts Part 1: Mobility and core (watch)
LFC Foundation: How to stay active (watch)

Manchester City

Fun fitness: Disability Challenge 3 (watch)
Fun fitness: Disability Challenge 2 (watch)
Fun fitness: Disability Challenge 1 (watch)

Manchester United

Harry Maguire runs through his daily routine (watch)

Norwich City

Head of performance Chris Domogalla's home workout (watch)


Seated exercise session (watch)
New routine from Saints Kicks' dance teacher (watch)
Get Dancing With Saints Kicks (watch)
Five-minute Fast Blast workouts to keep children active (watch)
Simple exercises for older adults which even those with medical conditions can complete

Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs legend Cliff Jones shares his home workout (watch)
Shape up with Spurs Part 4: Interval workout (watch)
Shape up with Spurs Part 3: Abdominal workout (watch)
Shape up with Spurs Part 2: Resistance home workout (watch)
Shape up with Spurs Part 1: Home workout (watch)

West Ham United

150Club: Pilates session (watch)
Fitness coach Eamon Swift hosts Keep fit with West Ham: Episode 1 (watch)

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