Leicester City launch maths resources for schools

6 Mar 2019
Rachel Riley, Leicester City, Marc Albrighton

On World Maths Day Marc Albrighton and Countdown's Rachel Riley showcase new provision for local primary schools

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Schoolkids in Leicester got a numeracy test to remember recently as part of World Maths Day on 6 March.

About 60 children from four local primary schools went to King Power Stadium to try a new maths provision from LCFC Community Trust.

The provision, called "5000/1" to commemorate the famous odds given for Leicester City winning the 2015/16 Premier League title, will be supplied to local schools under Premier League Primary Stars from this month. 

Riley on importance of maths

The initiative uses the power of football and the appeal of the Premier League to inspire learning and get children engaging with maths in an active and stimulating way.

"It’s really important to show the link between football and academic subjects," Community Trust director Allison Tripney said.

"We’re very keen to support what teachers do and give the young people in our local schools the best chance to achieve the highest grades possible.”

The children's maths skills were tested at the stadium before they were joined by Leicester City players Marc Albrighton and Conor Tee, as well as Countdown host Rachel Riley.

"Football is a brilliant maths material to promote numeracy," Riley said.

"If you think about kids playing online, they’re all looking at statistics to pick their favourite players, they’re looking at pie charts, they’re looking at heat maps, at how many runs a player has made, how many goals a team has scored and how many points teams have in the table.

"Football is a brilliant maths material to promote numeracy"

Rachel Riley

"This event is about showing children that maths has a real everyday practical use and can be fun at the same time."

Albrighton and PL2 player Tee joined the schoolchildren for a pitchside game of Battleships, before playing Countdown.

"Maths is an important life skill, it’s a main subject that you need to know about," Albrighton said.

"You need it in everyday life, so it’s important to concentrate and make sure that you do your best in it."

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