Murphy: I would look at the 'keeper until the last second

23 Mar 2018

Former Liverpool midfielder reveals the secrets to his near perfect penalty-taking record in the Premier League

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This week we are looking at the art of penalty taking in the Premier League.

Spot-kick secrets

With 18 penalties scored out of the 19 he took in the Premier League, Danny Murphy is one of the deadliest spot-kick takers in the history of the competition.

But scoring from 12 yards is not merely about running up the ball and hoping for the best. For the former Liverpool, Charlton AthleticTottenham Hotspur and Fulham midfielder there was a science to his success rate.

"I always had an idea before I ran up to the penalty which side I was going to go, and the only way that would change is the keeper did something dramatic," says Murphy.

"The only penalty I ever missed was because I changed my mind last minute, and I never did that again."

In his penalty masterclass Murphy also explains the optimum angle and speed of a taker's run-up, whether to look at the ball or the goalkeeper at the moment of impact and answers the question: Power or placement?

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