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Net January spend of Premier League clubs £148m

1 Feb 2018
PL club's net January spend

In January transfer window, clubs spend £419.5m, receiving £271.8m, with net spend 3.11% of total revenue this season

The 20 Premier League clubs spent a net £148million in the 2018 January transfer window, or an average of £7.4m per club.

This is made up of a total spend of £419.5m, total sales of £271.8m, creating a net spend £147.6m.

This includes the transfer fees committed this January by the Premier League clubs.

The net spend by clubs is the equivalent to 3.11% of their total revenue this season, which is very similar to the percentage of the total revenue spent by them in the winter transfer window of the 2015/16 season.

Clubs are also committed to supporting schools and local communities and the wider football pyramid in England.

With the backing of the clubs, the Premier League runs the most comprehensive redistribution programme in professional sport, and in the 2017/18 season will invest £443m in these areas.

Net transfer spends by PL clubs
Window Spend Sales Net spend Total club revenue Net spend as % of club revenue 
Summer 2014 £809.6m £423.2m £386.5m £3.368bn  11.48%
Winter 2015 £118.2m £81.7m £36.4m 1.10%
Summer 2015 £858.6m £426.0m £432.6m £3.648bn 11.86%
Winter 2016 £177.5m £68.6m £108.9m 2.99%
Summer 2016 £1.120bn £484.5m £635.6m £4.566bn* 13.92%
Winter 2017 £236.7m £240.7m -£4.0m -0.09% 
Summer 2017 £1.413bn £748.0m £665.0m £4.750bn* 14.00%
Winter 2018 £419.5m £271.8m £147.6m 3.11%

*forecast revenue. 
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