Fixture changes explained

14 Jun 2017
Tomer Hemed, Brighton

Find out why alterations are made to the original fixture list during the season, such as for broadcast selections or cup competitions

The fixture list for the full 2017/18 Premier League season was released on 14 June.

Fans are reminded that throughout the season there will be changes made to this list.

Match dates can change for a variety of reasons, including live TV broadcast selections, and also to accommodate matches in European and domestic cup competitions.

For this reason, Premier League fixtures are always advertised as being subject to change.

Keep up-to-date with all fixtures changes with the Premier League digital calendar

Changes for broadcast selections

Below are the approximate dates for when the announcements on 2017/18 matches that have been selected for live TV broadcast will be made.

Period of matches covered Approx date of announcement
August and September 10 July 2017
October to November 11 August 2017
December and January 12 October 2017
February 12 December 2017
March 25 January 2018
April 26 February 2018
May 6 April
Matchweek 38 After all clubs have played 37 matches

Changes for European cup competitions

Before the start of the season, the fixture list will also be examined to identify any Premier League matches that may need to change to accommodate midweek UEFA Europa League fixtures, up to and including the group stages.

These changes are then officially announced after each club’s European fixture dates have been confirmed by UEFA.

This is particularly relevant for any clubs participating in the UEFA Europa League, where most matches take place on Thursday evenings.

The club’s next Premier League fixture will often be played on a Sunday, to allow a proper break between matches.

The rescheduling process continues throughout the season, for as long as each club remain in European cup competition.

Of course, any of these changes relate also to the opponents of those clubs in any subsequent Premier League fixtures.

Changes for domestic cup competitions

Premier League matches may move if and when clubs progress into the later rounds of domestic cup competitions.

The FA Cup semi-finals and League Cup final are scheduled on weekends when a Premier League round of fixtures also takes place. This leads to some fixture amendments.

Dates for cup competitions

The following match dates for European and domestic cup competitions may cause Premier League fixtures to change during 2017/18 for the clubs involved in these competitions and their Premier League opponents.

UEFA Champions League/Europa League
26 July 2017 Third qualifying round, first leg
2 Aug 2017 Third qualifying round, second leg
16 Aug 2017 Play-off round, first leg
23 Aug 2017 Play-off round, second leg
13 Sep 2017 Group stage match
27 Sep 2017 Group stage match
18 Oct 2017 Group stage match
1 Nov 2017 Group stage match
22 Nov 2017 Group stage match
6 Dec 2017 Group stage match
14 Feb 2018 UCL Round of 16 first leg, UEL Round of 32 first leg
21 Feb 2018 UCL Round of 16 first leg, UEL Round of 32 second leg
7 Mar 2018 UCL Round of 16 second leg, UEL Round of 16 first leg
14 Mar 2018 UCL Round of 16 second leg, UEL Round of 16 second leg
4 Apr 2018 Quarter-final, first leg
11 Apr 2018 Quarter-final, second leg
25 Apr 2018 Semi-final, first leg
2 May 2018 Semi-final, second leg
16 May 2018 UEL final
26 May 2018 UCL final

League Cup
25 Feb 2018 Final 

FA Cup
17 Mar 2018 Sixth-round proper
21 Apr 2018 Semi-finals
19 May 2018 Final

Keep up-to-date with all fixtures changes with the Premier League digital calendar

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