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Pope setting record pace for bonus points

By The Scout 16 Oct 2017
Burnley goalkeeper Nick Pope celebrates in the match against West Ham United

Burnley goalkeeper following Tom Heaton's lead as the new No 1 in FPL Bonus Points System

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Fantasy Premier League managers should be on alert to the potential offered by Nick Pope (£4.5m).

The Burnley goalkeeper's performances in replacing Tom Heaton (£4.9m) are being recognised in the Bonus Points System (BPS).

Pope replaced his captain after 36 minutes against Crystal Palace in Gameweek 4 after Heaton's shoulder injury.

He has since earned 113 in the BPS at a rate of a point every 3.66 minutes.

That is more frequent than any other goalkeeper, ahead of David De Gea (£5.6m), who ranks second with a BPS point every 3.77 minutes.

Significantly, Pope's rate surpasses that achieved by Heaton last season.

The Clarets No 1 gained 21 bonus points in 2016/17, a record for FPL goalkeepers, and ended the season as the top-scoring goalkeeper on 149 points.

But he earned a BPS point every 4.2 minutes during that campaign.

Saves and recoveries, where a player gains possession of the ball when it has gone loose, are the key metrics for goalkeepers in the BPS.

Pope is excelling in both areas.

Despite conceding, he earned a single bonus point in Saturday’s draw with West Ham United after 12 saves and five recoveries.

He has made a save every 18.8 minutes, more frequently than any other goalkeeper.

The same applies to recoveries, with Pope recording one every 7.0 minutes.

Pope v Heaton
  Heaton 2016/17 Pope 2017/18
Minutes per BPS 4.2 3.66
Minutes per save 22.1 18.8
Minutes per recovery 8.8 7.0

Again this is outperforming Heaton’s record-breaking 2016/17 campaign.

Pope will be expected to make way on his skipper's return but until then he can be a successor to Heaton's FPL crown.

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