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FPL Draft: Defenders can spark revival

By The Scout 11 Oct 2017
Stephen Ward takes a throw-in against Everton

Find out how one of our expert managers is turning to his backline to change fortunes in the Clash Across The Pond League

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The UK pundits continue to sit pretty in our transatlantic Fantasy Premier League Draft league of Fantasy Football experts.

They occupy three of the top four spots in the table, although, at the bottom, one UK manager is struggling to gain a foothold.

Gameweek 7 results
Team Score Team
Woody Allen (UK) 57 54 Sutherns Comfort (UK)
Sean's Super Subs (US) 40 35 Rotoworld PL (US)
Get on the Snake (US) 57 35 Jonty's XI (UK)
10 Huddersfield Lane (US) 36 39 Andy's All-Stars (UK)

We caught up with Joe Lepper who was on hand for some tips for those suffering similar early-season struggles.

Team Name: Jonty's XI

Current Squad: De Gea, Lloris, Dawson, Daniels, Williams, Mee, Naughton, Pogba, Arnautovic, Antonio, Brady, Brunt, Lacazette, Giroud, Wood.

Just like Crystal Palace. I find myself without a point and rooted to the foot of the table.

After seven sorry set of fixtures, I've been handing my UK colleagues and our new friends in the US wins on a plate.

A few of the head-to-head contests have been close - such as my two-point defeat to Fuzzy Warbles in Gameweek 2 - but others far less so.

So where has it gone wrong and how can I fix it?

Missing out on some able support for my principal striker Alexandre Lacazette has proved a real issue.

Meanwhile, a cruel injury to Paul Pogba - my crown jewel in midfield -  was an early hammer blow.

I have since tried to swoop for free agents and waivers in midfield according to the fixtures, though none of my short-term picks have paid off.

So now it is time for a change of strategy.

From this point on, I'll be focusing my transfers on defence which, based on the season so far, looks to be a viable tactic.

I am seeing Fantasy Premier League managers earn success with a back four or even a five-man defence. So its time to adopt that approach in Draft. 

If, like me, you are floundering after the opening Gameweeks, then I'd recommend a similar strategy.

There should be plenty of defensive talent left in the free agent pool; I've got my eye on Stephen Ward following his 12 points at Everton.

Dipping in for defenders while shifting formation, perhaps even to a 5-3-2, may just prove to be the perfect quick fix.

Gameweek 8 fixtures

Sean's Super Subs (US) v Sutherns Comfort (UK) 
Get on the Snake (US) v Woody Allen (UK) 
10 Huddersfield Lane (US) v Rotoworld PL (US) 
Andy's Allstars (UK) v Jonty's XI (UK)

 See: FPL Draft: What you need to know

The FPL Draft GW8 Waiver deadline is Friday 13 October, 1130 BST

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