Who are the leading players in the 2023/24 Premier League?

17 Nov 2023
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We look at the key stats from the season so far, such as distance run, most tackles and the fastest player

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After nearly a third of the 2023/24 Premier League season, we have delved through all the statistics to discover which players are excelling. Who is the season's fastest player so far? Who is it's best tackler? Who has run the furthest all season and in a single match? 

As well as looking at the top 10 for each metric, you can find out the top performers at each of the 20 clubs. 

See how players are performing in 2023/24 

Part 1: Most goals
Part 2: Most assists
Part 3: Most shots
Part 4: Most chances created
Part 5: Passes into final third
Part 6: Successful dribbles
Part 7: Fastest player
Part 8: Tackles
Part 9: Interceptions
Part 10: Distance covered total
Part 11: Distance covered in a match 
Part 12: Most minutes played

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