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Final fixtures can give Hull a happy ending

25 Mar 2017
Hull City v Swansea City

Who of the teams battling the drop have the toughest run-in? We look at their remaining matches

Hull City sit three points adrift of safety but their fans can take more hope of avoiding relegation than their rivals when they look at the side's remaining Premier League fixtures.

According to the Fixture Difficulty Rankings (FDR) used for Fantasy Premier League, Marco Silva's side have the most favourable run of fixtures of the bottom seven sides to the end of the season.

Marco Silva, Hull
Marco Silva's Hull have the most promising fixture run-in, according to the FDR

The FDR is based on an algorithm analysing the performance statistics for each team across home and away matches, combining this with form over the past six fixtures to create a perceived difficulty value. 

The values are simplified into ratings from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest difficulty of a match.

FDR average of bottom seven

Place Club P Pts FDR average
14 Watford 28 31 3.10
15 Leicester City 28 30 2.70
16 Crystal Palace 28 28 3.30
17 Swansea City 29 27 2.55
18 Hull City 29 24 2.44
19 Middlesbrough 28 22 2.80
20 Sunderland 28 20 2.70

While Hull must travel to Manchester City and host Tottenham Hotspur their average FDR rating works out to 2.44, just ahead of Swansea City then Leicester City and Sunderland.

Crystal Palace have lifted themselves out of the bottom three with two consecutive wins but Sam Allardyce's team face the toughest run-in, averaging 3.3 in the FDR. 

These matches include facing all of the present top six, of which four are away from home.

Crystal Palace's Wilfried Zaha
Crystal Palace still have to play each of the current top six teams before the end of the season

Bottom seven's remaining fixtures

Watford FDR Leicester FDR C Palace FDR
SUN (H) 1 STK (H) 2 CHE (A) 5
WBA (H) 2 SUN (H) 1 SOU (A) 3
TOT (A) 5 EVE (A) 4 ARS (H) 4
SWA (H) 2 CRY (A) 2 LEI (H) 2
HUL (A) 2 ARS (A) 4 LIV (A) 4
LIV (H) 4 WBA (A) 2 TOT (H) 4
LEI (A) 2 WAT (H) 2 BUR (H) 1
EVE (A) 4 MCI (A) 4 MCI (A) 4
MCI (H) 4 BOU (H) 2 HUL (H) 2
CHE (A)* 5 TOT (H)* 4 MUN (A) 4
Average 3.10 Average 2.70 Average 3.30

*date TBC

Swansea City v Burnley
Swansea City's FDR average is rated second-best behind Hull City
Swansea FDR Hull FDR
MID (H) 2 WHU (H)
TOT (H) 4 MID (H)
WHU (A)  2 MCI (A)
WAT (A)  2 STK (A)
STK (H) 2 WAT (H)
MUN (A)  4 SOU (A)
EVE (H) 3 SUN (H)
SUN (A) 2 CRY (A)
WBA (H) 2 TOT (H) 4
Average 2.55 Average  2.44
Sunderland v Leicester City
Leicester City and Sunderland both average an FDR rating of 2.70 and face each other in Matchweek 31
Middlesbrough FDR Sunderland FDR
SWA (A) 2 WAT (A) 2
HUL (A) 2 LEI (A) 2
BUR (H) 1 MUN (H)  4
ARS (H) 4 WHU (H) 2
BOU (A) 2 MID (A)  2
SUN (H) 1 BOU (H) 2
MCI (H) 4 HUL (A)  2
CHE (A) 5 SWA (H)  2
SOU (H) 3 CHE (A)  5
LIV (A) 4 ARS (A)*  4
Average 2.80 Average 2.70

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