'Only Spurs mentor could get through to Andrew'

6 Feb 2017
Christian Eriksen - Spurs MOTD community feature

How one young person has been helped by Tottenham Hotspur Foundation's Your Futures programme

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"My son would lose his temper. Nobody could get through to him."

Kirsten had difficulties with her son, Andrew, and his behavioural issues.

It got so bad that Andrew, now 9, was taken to the A&E department of the Whittington Hospital, in London after an altercation at school.

But that visit to A&E became the turning point in Andrew's life after it meant he got referred to the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation.

The Foundation's Your Futures programme has a mentor who works at the hospital with victims of youth violence. 

"We are able to support these young people back into the community and mainstream activities with a one-to-one mentor," said the Foundation's Richard Allicock."Andrew was a very lively individual and he just some needed some stability and support and being a massive Spurs fan, he can then identify with something positive."

The programme has made a big impact on Andrew and he has received a series of awards from teachers for his improved behaviour at school.

"I am so happy for him to be part of the programme," Kirsten says. "My son would lose his temper and ended up in hospital after an altercation at school. Nobody could get through to him - apart from his Spurs mentor.

"For Andrew it has done many, many things, in his behaviour, attitude and conduct at home and in school."

Another reward for his good behaviour came when Andrew received he met Spurs midfielder Christian Eriksen at White Hart Lane, and it was captured by BBC’s Match of the Day.

"I see what the Foundation is doing and it makes a big difference," said Eriksen. "It is very special to meet him."

Your Futures is one of the life-changing programmes featured as part of Tottenham Hotspur Foundation's 10-year celebrations, commemorating more than 2.75 million opportunities it has created.

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