How Premier League helped Staveley Miners Welfare

20 Apr 2023

Premier League and Football Foundation help to deliver new facility to club in 10th tier of English football pyramid bringing community together

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Staveley Miners Welfare have a long and proud 140-year history as a grassroots football club, currently playing in the Northern Counties East Division, the 10th tier of the English pyramid.

Now with the help of over £600,000 funding from the Premier League and Football Foundation, Staveley have been able to upgrade their facilities with a new 3G pitch, floodlights and car parking. 

The all-weather pitch is used by over 500 local youngsters weekly from Under-7s to Under-18s, while the club's academy, senior side and two women's teams have also benefited.

"It's brilliant that everyone gets a part of it, everyone gets a slice. It's not just about the first team here," says manager Pat Lindley. "It reaches hundreds of people, this one facility."

At the heart of Staveley is Dave "Snip" Tromans, who has been there for more than 60 years and has pretty much done everything at the club.

“I’ve been at Staveley roughly since 1962," says Snip, now in his eighties. "I had a few games at centre-back ...I were quite quick. I went into management, well player-management for a bit, and then I thought, 'No, I’d sooner do it from the dugout.'

"Now I’ve gone upstairs, I’m in charge of hospitality. I’m kit man; I put the kit out. I’m never away from the place."

The ability of a small club like Staveley to provide football to players of all ages as well as to boys and girls gives "Snip" a sense of satisfaction.

Dave Tromans, Staveley Miners
Dave Tromans

"At the end of the day, grassroots football starts like this," he says. "These youngsters here running around at six years old, and you’ve got kids playing on it [the pitch] every day. It’s in use every day, seven days a week."

Staveley chairman Terry Damms hails Snip as an "absolute diamond".

“To be involved in the football club for 60 years [and] still have the desire, still have that enthusiasm, to want to come and get involved and work, you know, [it’s] brilliant,” says Damms.

Snip adds: "This is my life. I talk about Staveley all the time, seven days a week. I live eat and sleep Staveley. They always say if you cut me open it’ll be blue and white running it.”

Growing inclusion in community

The funding has helped foster a greater sense of inclusion among the local community.

"We've been blessed with this pitch," says Maryanne Newbold, the club's welfare officer.  "Everybody wants to be involved. We all get along, everybody is so friendly. It feels good coming here."

Staveley Miners Welfare FC

Staveley was visited by the Premier League Trophy as part of a campaign to highlight the impact of the Premier League's investment on wider football and communities.

"I'd like to thank the Premier League and the Football Foundation for what they've done in this visit, to see that Trophy you can only dream about," says Damms.

"All those captains that have touched it, handled it, and there's our little six and nine-year-olds having their photos taken with it. Those photos ought to be retained in the family albums for years to come."

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