How Premier League provides world-leading support across the game

22 Feb 2023
Burn: Non-league a big part of English football

Find out more about the Premier League's extensive financial support for the football pyramid in England and Wales

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Premier League success means unprecedented levels of financial support are extended across the football pyramid in England and Wales.

This covers the three divisions of the English Football League (EFL), the National League System, grassroots and community football, along with funding for key fan groups and organisations promoting equality and inclusion.

Distributions include solidarity payments paid to all EFL clubs not in receipt of parachute payments and funding to support all 72 National League clubs.

See: Burn returns to roots to see how PL helped Blyth Spartans

Long-term investment in the Premier League's Elite Player Performance Plan has resulted in over £1.94 billion of funding for the Academy system across the football pyramid since 2012.

Two of the biggest sports charities in the world benefit from Premier League investment.

The Premier League Charitable Fund distributes grants to professional club community organisations, allowing project delivery in thousands of communities and schools in the regions surrounding Premier League and EFL clubs.

The Football Foundation has provided grants for thousands of new grassroots club facilities and pitch improvements throughout the country. In addition, the Premier League Stadium Fund supports non-league and women’s clubs with the cost of improvements to their grounds.

Pandemic relief and recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on football at all levels, including revenue extensively impacted while matches were played without fans.

Despite significant losses and ongoing uncertainty, the Premier League was able to provide COVID-relief packages for EFL clubs, as well as funds to assist National League clubs, the Women's Super League and Women's Championship during the pandemic.

More than 65 leagues, including 1,090 clubs, benefited in total.

Increased commitment - £1.6bn

In light of the damaging impact of the pandemic, in August 2021 the Premier League welcomed the UK Government's confirmation that a three-year renewal of the League's domestic broadcast agreements could take place at the same overall value as the previous three years.

The renewals were crucial in providing stability and certainty to clubs throughout the football pyramid until at least 2025, as existing, unprecedented levels of financial support of around £1.5 billion could be continued over another three-year period.

The renewals saw a commitment to increase funding to 2025, with a further £100 million to be invested in five areas:

Further support for EFL clubs

Following the provision of COVID relief funds to EFL clubs during the pandemic, in November 2021 the Premier League announced continued additional support for EFL League One and Two clubs to help with their continued recovery from the pandemic.

At the same time funding was announced to support clubs in the three National League divisions immediately below the EFL.

The National League System

The National League System will benefit from enhanced solidarity to further aid recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Club Development Fund has also been created, to increase the financial sustainability of National League System clubs, improve the playing experience and enhance connections with the local grassroots community. 

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And example of this can be seen at Wrexham, where £400,000 from the Premier League's Football Stadia Improvement Fund has led to the construction of two new viewing platforms for disabled spectators, increasing wheelchair capacity from 56 to 69.

Enhancing community facilities 

Additional Premier League funding will go to the Football Foundation for facility development.

Following the wide-ranging impact of the Premier League's COVID-19 rescue schemes, the Premier League Stadium Fund will increase for ground-grading improvements within the National League System and the women’s football pyramid. 

As part of the National Football Facilities strategy’s aim to build 400 small-sided spaces, Premier League funding will be used to deliver these facilities in the heart of communities across England.

Women's and girls' football

Premier League investment will go towards the development of women’s football at professional and grassroots level, working closely with The FA.

This includes support for the Women's Super League, Women's Championship and Women's National League, increasing diversity in the talent pathway and workforce development.

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Other projects that support the game

Additional support is being provided to a number of football-wide projects, which include the Premier League’s work in areas such as antidiscrimination, mental wellbeing and brain health, as well as support for fan groups who receive funding from the Premier League.

An example of the Premier League's work in this area includes funding the provision of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) at more than 1,500 grassroots football clubs and facilities, aimed at helping to save the life of someone experiencing a cardiac arrest.

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