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How have clubs reacted after their worst Premier League loss?

11 Mar 2023
David De Gea

Do teams tend to bounce back after a record defeat, or is that easier said than done? We look at the data

After Manchester United suffered their heaviest ever Premier League defeat and the joint-worst result in their history last Sunday, manager Erik ten Hag stressed the need for a response.

“We will bounce back,” he told after the 7-0 loss at Liverpool. “This team is strong enough to go, reset itself, and we will bounce back."

But is that easier said than done?

We have looked at the worst ever results for each of the current 20 Premier League clubs, and how they fared after that loss.

Since some teams have suffered the same margin of defeat more than once, there have been 26 instances of clubs seeking to bounce back from a record or joint-record loss.

Of those, 12 sides have gone on to lose their next match too. Eight have managed to pick up a point, and only six have been able to respond in the best possible way with a win.

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Man Utd will be looking to buck the trend when they host Southampton on Sunday.

And they can take heart from the memories of inflicting Saints' joint-worst defeat in 2020/21, when they triumphed 9-0 at Old Trafford. 

Clubs' response to their worst PL loss
Club Worst result Date Next result
AFC Bournemouth LIV 9-0 BOU 27/08/22 BOU 0-0 WOL
Arsenal MUN 8-2 ARS 28/08/11 ARS 1-0 SWA
Aston Villa CHE 8-0 AVL 23/12/12 AVL 0-4 TOT
Brentford NEW 5-1 BRE 08/10/22 BRE 2-0 BHA
AVL 4-0 BRE 23/10/22 BRE 1-1 WOL
Brighton BHA 0-5 BOU 13/04/19 BHA 0-2 CAR
BHA 0-5 MCI 11/07/20 SOU 1-1 BHA
Chelsea MCI 6-0 CHE 10/02/19 CHE 2-0 TOT
Crystal Palace CRY 0-7 LIV 19/12/20 AVL 3-0 CRY
Everton ARS 7-0 EVE 11/05/05 BOL 3-2 EVE
Fulham HUL 6-0 FUL 28/12/13 FUL 2-1 WHU
Leeds MCI 7-0 LEE 14/12/21 LEE 1-4 ARS
Leicester ARS 6-1 LEI 26/12/00 LEI 1-2 BRA
Liverpool STK 6-1 LIV 24/05/15 End of season
AVL 7-2 LIV 04/10/20 EVE 2-2 LIV
Man City MID 8-1 MCI 11/05/08 End of season
Man Utd LIV 7-0 MUN 05/03/23 -
Newcastle MUN 6-0 NEW 12/01/08 NEW 0-0 BOL
NEW 0-6 LIV 27/04/13 WHU 0-0 NEW
Nott'm Forest BLB 7-0 NFO 18/11/95 NFO 1-1 MUN
NFO 1-8 MUN 06/02/99 WHU 2-1 NFO
Southampton SOU 0-9 LEI 25/10/19 MCI 2-1 SOU
MUN 9-0 SOU 02/02/21 NEW 3-2 SOU
Spurs NEW 7-1 TOT 28/12/96 TOT 1-2 MUN
West Ham MUN 7-1 WHU 01/04/00 WHU 2-1 NEW
BLB 7-1 WHU 14/10/01 WHU 2-0 SOU
Wolves WOL 0-5 CHE 20/09/03 BOL 1-1 WOL
FUL 5-0 WOL 04/03/12 WOL 0-2 BLB
WOL 0-5 MUN 18/03/12 NOR 2-1 WOL

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