Mental Health Awareness Week

Premier League managers unite to tackle suicide

12 May 2022
LMA Suicide Prevention Campaign

All 20 top-flight managers come together to back a campaign that encourages people at risk of suicide to seek help

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Managers from across the Premier League have given their support to a suicide prevention campaign led by the League Managers Association and Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

All 20 top-flight managers have lent their voices to a film backing Shining A Light On Suicide, a campaign which highlights that people are not alone and encourages them to talk and seek help.

The managers are also helping to raise awareness of the free online suicide prevention training that is available via the Zero Suicide Alliance. This training has been accessed by nearly two million people so far.

"Football is a pressure cooker and football managers become quite expert at reading people within the dressing room, lifting people and understanding what those people in their team are thinking and feeling," Burnham said.

"We're really proud of this partnership with the LMA and are so grateful to the managers who have stepped forward to be part of this film, giving this campaign a significant boost, because their words matter to a lot of people."

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